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LOVE2d is an amazing engine! I hope you continue to use it!

The parallax is off the charts holy shit this is beautiful. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you to see how you use this 'LOVE2D framework'

Made a video for the game! I really like the art and music and how the gameplay syncs with the music. Looking forward to how this project develops, or what else you guys make!

Oh cool :) glad you enjoyed it!

I don't currently have plans to continue developing this specific demo, but whatever I release next will make use of the same parallax tech. I'm a one man team though so progress is slow..

Also all the music/sound is composed using one chord spread across several octaves which did a lot to create a cohesive atmosphere.

Very nice, looking forward so something more coming of this :)






Hiw do u play it


How'd you get all the pixels to stay so nice with all the panning and zooming?


I mean it still jitters a bit when the camera moves slow.. Keeping the zoom levels at whole numbers is essential though.


PixelPerfect I assume)